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What is sexy? Some say beauty, some brains, some both in one package. Your ability to stun people with your sense of humor or intelligence or the fact that you're a nicely educated and developed individual with a sense of wonder that is provocative and inviting. Intelligence is hot, making you one sought after hottie! Some prefer the eyes, the eyes are a window into a person’s soul and your soul is on fire! The power to seduce someone by looking at them. When you walk down the street and people make eye contact with you, they are immediately intrigued and totally turned on! Self esteem and confidence is also seductive. When you truly believe in yourself and your abilities! People who meet you admire your sexy sense of self-esteem. When you walk into a room, people immediately notice you because you always hold your head up high and stand up tall. You’re going to go far in this life because you never let doubt or uncertainty get you down! Passion and the core belief system that has shaped you into the individual that you are today can be radiating and enchanting. The fact that you stay true to what you stand for ignites a fire in others and is by far your sexiest feature! All that passion makes you irresistible and unforgettable. You are going to attract other individuals just like you! These are all core features that define what "sexy" actually is. For me, I like attractive girls, naked and seductive, not very talkative - just spreading their legs, sitting on the sofa in ther lingerie and touching their pussy. That's hot for me, inviting, like a nice meal with a ton of alcohol, to lose yourself in the booze, drown in pussy and feast on those lovely hot tits while the tight lips wrap around and suck your cock.

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